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Point Cloud and Scanning

What's the Point (Cloud)?

Point Cloud technology allows us to capture a 3D scan of whatever you like. We use a laser scanner to collect millions (sometimes billions) of points from the surfaces of buildings, rooms or objects. Each point has three coordinates to position it in space and can also give color and/or intensity information.

This has a huge variety of applications. A Point Cloud scan can allow you to walk around a visual reconstruction of your facility using 360 camera rigs; it can be produced for online tours; or it could allow you to come back to key information about how your factory is formed.


With this technology we can digitally reconstruct your image, turning it into a fully manipulable 3D model, which can be moved, adapted, etc to your specifications. This means that this process is incredibly helpful for relocating equipment, or remodelling rooms.

point cloud.png

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