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Planning & Listed Building Consent Applications

What can we do?


We have a wide range of experience in handling domestic, industrial and commercial properties all over the country, including listed, protected and retrospective applications. We can handle any or all parts of the application for your new or renovated building.

Following on from the initial consultation, the feasibility of your project can be discussed. With years of experience of drawing and submitting planning permission and building control applications, we are perfectly placed to advise you on the practicality of your application and of the likely outcome.

Local authorities have vast sets of criteria to consider when reviewing planning consent applications, and we will attempt to cover all the potential problems before you submit your plans. Then, once we have completed a comprehensive site survey, all of the required drawings and documents will be produced to local council standards.

Once you are happy with the drawings & documentation, we will submit the final plans to your local authority on your behalf if you wish.

Typical drawings submitted for planning approval are:

  • Plans (Existing & Proposed)

  • Elevations

  • Change of use Building control

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Our dedicated BIM/CAD technicians can take building services designs and produce highly professional and accurate Coordinated 2D and 3D models/drawings.

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