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CAD Drawings

We can transform your hand-drawn sketches into high quality, multi-layer, professional CAD drawings, in either 2D or 3D.

BIM Modelling

Building Information Modelling is quickly becoming the industry standard for construction projects. BIM gives us the ability to fully model your building or factory to varying levels of detail.

Project Management

We don't just design drawings. Process Engineering, Project Coordination and Management all fall under our banner.

CAD Drawings

BIM Modelling

Project Management



CADXtra is a UK based, multi-disciplined Design Consultancy that offers the full Design Package, blending AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction), Project Management and technical Engineering. Working alongside many of the UK’s blue chip manufacturers, we ensure that your projects are delivered, and your designs are realised. 


Special Projects?

We are a flexible enough company to cater for any design project, to meet you where you are. Want a new factory? No problem. Got an issue finding where that pipe goes? We will have you covered. Our team has a mixture of design and technical engineers who can tackle any challenge, ensuring a compliant, safe and cost effective solution.

Outsourcing your workload.

We find that having an engineer at your site solves a multitude of issues that crop up during every day factory life. We have designers on sites across the UK, helping various factories keep up their compliance in safety design, and being an immediate aid to consult on any query. Contact us if you think this would benefit you, and we can arrange for a member of the team to come and work with you.








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Head Office


4th Floor,

D10 Building,

Thane Road,

Boots Beeston Site,

NG90 2PR


Tel: 0115 9227900


To apply for a job with CADXtra, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:


Call: 0115 9227900

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